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As book lovers (and urban fantasy fans), we’re always on the lookout for our next favorite author or spine-tingling book. It can be hard to find the genre in bookstores/online stores, so we thought we’d start a site to make it easy for other fans like us to find something new.


Start Finding Books:

Kick Ass Women: If you like your women snarky and kicking butt, check out this section. Alpha males need not apply!

Paranormal Romance: Love a good HEA? Look here to find your chick lit and fun summer reads.


Teen: It’s not just for kids anymore. Some of the best authors out there are writing YA books.  Be sure to check it out.


General: Everything that didn’t fit neatly into other subjects. Don’t skip this one -lots of good stuff in here, too!

Historical: Imagine WW1 with vampires, or Czarist Russia with magic. Love history? This is your place to be.


Mystery: Who done it? With vamps, weres, witches, and more, it can be so hard to assign blame.

Bodice Ripper: Ooooh baby, this section is hot, hot, hot! Check out books that have both the erotic, as well as the exotic. Strictly for ages 18 and up.

Steampunk: A funky blend of Victorian England manners and dress combined with steam powered technology.Think corsets, English tea, and airships...but with a supernatural twist.


Manga/Graphic Novel: A combination of killer art with a killer story. How can you go wrong?

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